Patio Doors

New patio doors offer a stylish upgrade – along with many of the practical benefits that make replacement windows (can you make this a link to where if they want to click on replacement windows, it would take them to the window tab on our page?) such a popular choice. When updating your patio doors, you have two major options: sliding patio doors or French wood hinged. While hinged patio doors are the most traditional options, sliding patio doors are the most popular choice in today’s homes. Whatever style you choose, you can count on loving the style, and the ease-of-use for your new door.

Upgrading any of your exterior doors is a combination of practical and stylish. For example, when patio doors get old, they tend to become difficult to open – no matter whether they are sliding or hinged. Plus, like old windows, the glass on patio doors tends to leak a lot of air, costing you extra to heat and cool your home.

Sliding Door and French Door Styles

Choosing your replacement patio door begins with deciding whether you want a sliding patio door, hinged option or a French door. While hinged doors and French doors can come with elaborate ornamental patterns, the sliding style is the most popular for contemporary American homes. Whatever you decide, our dedicated team has many years of experience installing door upgrades just like you.

Another crucial choice to make when selecting your patio door is to choose the material that matches both your preference and your budget. The two main patio door materials are wooden and vinyl. Both materials have their benefits and downsides, while vinyl is the more budget-friendly patio door material.

Front Door Replacement

Homeowners often choose front door replacement when their current door is extremely old, leaky, or frustrating to open. Plus just like old windows, old doors cost you more money on your utility bills.

From an exterior decor perspective, your entryway is often the main focal point of your house, so it is a great place to show off your individual style. A new front door adds major curb appeal to your home all while increasing the value, too.

You can select from a wide variety of new front doors with many glass patterns and are available in many colors and stains from the factory.

If you have any questions or ideas for your home window replacement, feel free to contact us and a member of our staff can help find you exactly what you have been looking for.